The fact that the frame is important is undeniable. However, most people don’t give enough attention when choosing it, mostly because they don’t think about its importance or because they simply don’t know what to choose.

If you are unsure about the choice, you would appreciate the following 5 points to follow.

1. The style is not everything

When selecting a frame, you need to know: not only colour and material are relevant. The frame can also help preserve the state of the painting, so it is best to choose the one that suits this task as much as possible. It is essential to know whether it will be exhibited at the same place for years and decades: will you move, paint your walls or maybe give the picture away to you children or a friend? These are all aspects that you may want to ask for help from a valued expert.

2. The past of the painting can help a lot!

The past of the painting (the style of the original frame if it had one), can help us with the decision. It is worth to compare the work to be framed with the same style of images in the same era, looking at their framing.

3. Being traditional is not always the best choice

A good frame can completely alter the work of art. Sometimes the creative, playful rhymes better with the painting than a traditional moulding. One of the most important things we must always take into account is that the artwork and the frame are needs to be in harmony. The task of the frame is to emphasise the work, so it does not want to distract attention from the painting. Beyond observing the painting and its frame, we also have to keep in mind that it should match other pictures and materials, furniture in its surroundings.

4. Glass can also be an important part of the frame

When selecting glass, several aspects should be considered. Generally speaking, we recommend choosing UV filter glass for expensive paintings as it can effectively protect them from harm caused by light (for example, faded colours). The little reflective surface is definitely important for enjoying the picture. Ideally, the chosen glass does not make the frame too heavy and is not too fragile, and the painting can be safely transported.

5. A frame is not always necessary

Sometimes it’s enough just to stretch the canvas. Considering aesthetic aspects, some work does not need to be framed, of course, it depends on the environment as well. If the painting is moved later, it will still be possible to frame it.

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  • Charlotte FleetApril 14, 2022 at 11:43 pm

    My dad is an artist and recently painted a picture that he loves, so my siblings and I want to get it framed for him. I appreciate you mentioning that it is important to choose a frame that works with the painting in harmony. We will be sure to find a custom framing service so we can find the perfect frame for our dad’s picture.


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