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The Platform
a unique online art gallery & marketplace

The experience:  creative, pleasurable, refreshingly simple
The art: unique, honest, global
The shopping: stress free, catch free, fun
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Vladimir Jpeg – Raum

Our Story.

Soon after we opened our picture framing and art printing shop NW Creative in Swiss Cottage, London, our imaginations lit up with the idea of The Platform.

We had met some fantastic artists and many of them wanted to archive, print and sell their artworks.

Scan and print you say?
Easy! It’s what our shop NW Creative was born to do.

Sell them? Challenge accepted!

We needed time, but when you’re growing a brand-new business that is one commodity you lack. Two years into the first leg of our journey, a debilitating global pandemic plunged us (and the rest of the world) into uncertainty. But it gifted us something special: Time. The Platform became the quarantine-project to keep us buoyant and creative.

The Platform began to take shape as we crafted the site and ironed out the kinks. Meanwhile, we connected with more artists eager to reach art lovers and share their fantastic work in a creative, accessible way.

Our Vision.

The plan is simple: exhibit modern, contemporary art from artists all over the world.


We want the artists who join us on the ride to have it easy:

No hidden expenses

No confusing legal stuff

Keep everything open and simple.


Same goes for our customers:

A website easy on the eyes and easy to use

Offer tasty extras: free delivery in certain areas or framing.


We are hatching more ideas besides – The Platform will require us to constantly innovate and improve – but for now we are focused on this first stage of the launch.

Our Mission.

Each piece of art on our marketplace is unique. We want our customers to have a pleasurable experience, from their first browse right through to the arrival of their artwork. Our artists work from all around the world, the US to Central Europe to Australia. Our aim is to reach more and more artists as The Platform develops.

With COVID restrictions currently in place, our plans for regular small exhibitions and showcases are not possible just yet. But we see a future where we can open our doors to art lovers and artists to meet, with NW Creative hosting special events where work can be shared and celebrated.

We believe buying art is a very personal experience and is as much about the people who create it as those that love it. We look forward to a time when we can once again celebrate creativity face to face.

Amongst many things that this challenging time has taught us all, it is that art and creativity hold the power to alter our perceptions of the world and, despite changes and uncertainty in the world around us, to set our spirits alight and free.

The Platform Marketplace.

Our selection of artworks is growing every day, make sure to check back to see if there’s something new you might fall in love with.
Rosie Beard - Emerald Faces
Rosie Beard - Emerald Faces
Inside NW Creative - our moulding selection
Inside NW Creative - our moulding selection

About NW Creative.

The Platform grew out from NW Creative – our picture framing, art printing and graphic design shop. Want to meet the team? Visit us at Swiss Cottage, London!
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