About Us

Lawrence Koby - Extranormal Portraits (Experiment)
Lawrence Koby - Extranormal Portraits (Experiment)

The Platform is a unique online art gallery & marketplace.

We’re all  about the amazing experience.
We love honesty and the unique.
And we think shopping art can and should be fun.
Happy to meet you.
Our Story.

The Platform was an idea, a notion we had right after we opened our picture framing and art printing shop – NW Creative – at Swiss Cottage, London. Early on we met fantastic artists and many of them wanted to archive, print and sell their artworks. Scan and print the works? Easy! We have all the right stuff for that. Selling them? Now that’s a challenge but we knew we can do it. All we needed is time and when you have a new business that is one thing you really lack of. After two years an unfortunate event, a word pandemic gave us the opportunity: this website was our quarantine-project!

It took us month to build the website (this one is the second iteration) and simultaneously get in touch with more and more artists who would sign up. Our past prepared us for this and we think we are on the right track!

Our Vision.

The pland was simple: to show modern, contemporary art from artists all over the world.

To achieve this, first and foremost we wanted to make sure the artists who join us in the ride will get it easy: no hidden expenses, confusing legal stuff and everything is out in the open and simple.

The same goes for our customers. We want to make a website that is easy on the eyes and just as easy to use. Throw in some extras, like free delivery in certain areas or framing and we’re good to go. Not that we will ever stop innovating and trying to make things even better! We have more ideas but first we have to make sure the ones we implemented are working.

Our Mission.

We want to make sure every artwork on our marketplace is unique and our customers will have a good experience from browsing through buy to the point when the selected artwork arrives to them. Our artists are signed up from all around the word from US through Central Europe to Australia and we aim to grow their numbers.

At the moment, due to the pandemic it is impossible but in the future we want to make mini exhibitions in our shop where our customers can meet with the artists. This way, buying art can be more personal which is important to us.

The Platform Marketplace.

Our selection of artworks is growing every day, make sure to check back to see if there’s something knew you might fall in love with.
Rosie Beard - Emerald Faces
Rosie Beard - Emerald Faces
Inside NW Creative - our moulding selection
Inside NW Creative - our moulding selection

About NW Creative.

The Platform grew out from NW Creative – our picture framing, art printing and graphic design shop. Want to meet the team? Visit us at Swiss Cottage, London!