Olha Korovina

Olha Korovina is a 20 year old Ukraine-born London-based cross-disciplinary artist. Devoting her whole essence to visual art, music and performance, Olha and like-minded individuals she has been collaborating with have transformed each of their acts into a triggering action, recalling a synergetic journey through various mediums and elaborated conceptual constructions. 

Olha’s work spans across the worlds of painting, music, performance art, filmmaking, fashion photography, set design and writing. Her cross-disciplinary approach resonates with the concept of “total art” (Gesamtkunstwerk), which she aims to achieve through her practice.

Olha has moved from Zhytomyr, her small hometown in Ukraine at the age of 17 to start her journey in London. Currently a student at Central Saint Martins, she is completing a BA in Fashion Communication and Promotion.

Co-founder and art director of multidisciplinary arts and techno music project Орфей[orpheus], she is curating and co-producing events that present multidimensional, immersive and obscure rave experience communicated through music and elaborated conceptual constructions.

Being an acute observer of the reality we share, she is approaching communication and creation as a catalyst for human enlightening, balance and evoking the journey towards emotional exploration of the self as well as the collective contemporary paradigm.

Her paintings could be described as monumental, figurative, captivating, multi-textured and mainly of large scale. Through visual communication and narratives in her work she is learning to manipulate the mechanism of perception as well as capture and create alternative histories and possible scenarios of our futures.

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