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Art: Oh, I Could’ve Done That!

The Ever Illusive and Controversial Net.Art

This article will take you on a journey through the history of Net.Art. Let’s have a look at the definition and origins of it first. Net art, or Internet art, is describing the work made in the 1990s through the early 2000s that uses the Internet as a primary medium. As the popularization of web … read more

Brothers in Arms - Das B

Composition In Art

Cover art: Das B – Brothers in Arms Composition is a crucial concept in Art. It can be defined as the arrangement of elements within a work of art, however there is much more to it! In this article we will look at the definition of “composition”, rules for a good composition, if they should … read more

Understanding Abstract Art

How to Understand Abstract Art

What actually is Abstraction? How to Understand Abstract Art. Abstractly speaking, the term “abstraction” in its main sense is a conceptual processwhere general rules and concepts come from the usage and classification of specificexamples, literal symbols, primary principles or other methods. “An abstraction” is the outcome of this process. The word “abstract” means to separate … read more

How To Start An Art Collection?

Why collecting art? There is a popular belief that collecting art is only a preserve to the rich and the old. This is, however, a widespread myth as there clearly is no reason why one can not start collecting art pieces at any age. A lot of art enthusiasts admit that they have started their … read more

A Queer Walk Through Art – Presenting 7 Queer Artists from Our Gallery

The term “queer” has a deep and complex history. Starting from the 19th century onwards it has been used by LGBTQIA+ people to refer to themselves and identify themselves as well as it has been a term of abuse. In the recent years, it has become a fluid and broad term for people of different … read more

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