The Queen of Sorrows – You can find Paula on instagram @paulanuska
Hi Paula, how is the start of your day?

Hi everyone, it has been a great morning so far, being in such exquisite company and a savory cup of tea at 10 o’clock in the morning.

What is it you do and how did you get into it?

I am an illustrator and aesthetic creator, co-founder and art director at The Platform Gallery. I have education in many fields of art before I get to where I am now, such as in fine arts, architecture, photography, make-up and fashion.
Primordially, I do what makes me happy, hence last February, we decided to start exhibiting and selling our artworks on the already existing website and then I had an epiphany: why not to create a space for every artist to have the chance to do that too? Free of no charges in a place where the unwanted are welcome to showcase their world, sell and grow together. I know it might seem a fantasy for some people, but this is the core of our gallery and else I don’t know how.

The roots – Original and limited edition prints are available in our shop
What’s the favorite part of your creative act?

Oh, there are endless, but to name a few for now: when I create, I feel the most connected with myself and it gives me a very high boost of confidence and quality energy and another would be that I never get bored. It varies. A lot! And even greater is when people enjoy your product, to me is a very important part in my creative act; is what makes me realize that what my job isn’t fictitious.
Needless to say that being in our sunny atelier with a glass of champagne makes everything more exceptional!

Who or what inspires you?

I adore the Renaissance portraits, with their pictorial illusionism and the depiction of religious and secular scenes from The Northern Renaissance.
I believe that I will always be fascinated by the blending of realism and symbolism that the painters used to depict in their masterpieces. Oh, and the portraiture fashion of the time – almost into nothingness – which enhances their ideal of purity. Ah, so exquisite! The characters and their static soberness, the use of symbolism and biblical references are a major inspiration to me. I am completely drawn by the overall sense of fairness, tolerance and the unrivalled majestic and female purity of Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France, Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy, and Queen Elizabeth I and evidently for theirfabulous couture garments that I would wear at any time of the day.

Global Player ’19 – You can find Paula on instagram @paulanuska
What does art mean to you?

Art to me means being present and keeps my head on my shoulders. I love the ritual of creating, it is an addiction – the more I create, the more I want to express myself, the more I feel I need to do it.

Nature represents art, it can be seen, heard, and/or felt if one listens carefully.

The Self – Original and limited edition prints are available in our shop
A mistake you’ve learned from?

Studying at an art school I knew little to nothing about the business world and how important and vital this was and is for me, as an artist, to flourish in my vocation.

Since we started our gallery and slowly emerging into the business art world, I’ve become more conscious of how I manage, plan and carry out my daily assets, but I surely can say that I am still learning from these lessons as I’m continuously shaping my prowess.

Tell us about your dream creative objective.

My deepest desire is to build an empire!

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January 2019 – Editorial ‘System Update’ –  A  story by :
PHOTO: Matteo D‘Agostino @matteodagostino_ 
FASHION & MUA: Paula Anuska @paulanuska , MUSE: Alison @ultracreature

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