“Island in the Sun” – Original Artwork

The Passive Immunity series is an installation of ceramic works by Sofia Argyrou. 

Reforming, as a self-defense reaction to the fear of intimacy, is what the artist likes to explore with this work.

There is a significant shift underway in modern emotional history. A number of studies explicitly claim that fear has become the predominant emotion in contemporary life.

Whether or not they are threatened by physical danger, people tend to be vigilant to prevent exposure to discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm. Each person creates multiple fake identities in order to feel protected. But each person loses the ability to genuinely share their true self and to experience closeness and connection with others.

Scale is one of the means the artist uses to empower the newly acquired clay identities and to inflate a fearless impression in them. 

The pinned shapes covering the body of her works are like an improvised armor, ensuring that no damage can penetrate the clay character.

The Passive Immunity series falls within the artist’s ongoing exploration of emotions in modern life. This body of work is about the conflict between fear of intimacy and the fundamental need to be accepted by others, to be valued and affirmed—to be connected.


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