15 July – 15 August 2021

@NW Creative  |  11 New College Parade, Finchley Road, London NW3 5EP

RE:BIRTH, a free group show where we showcase 12 emerging and exceptional contemporary artists which are shaping worlds and histories with their work.

To all the art lovers and contemporary connoisseurs, RE:BIRTH is our first group show exhibition taking place on the 15th of July until 15th of August at our shop NW Creative in North London – NW35EP, 11 New College Parade, Finchley Road.

Curation of this show is focused on the celebration of a very diverse spectrum of concepts, styles and visual narratives. Coming out from the national lockdown, we are entering the Renaissance of our times, originating the beginning of a new era with all the challenges and paradigm shifts coming along with it.

Now, more than ever, our differences empower and inspire us, allowing us to embrace them and bathe in unity, acceptance, empathy and collaboration. Drift along to become a part of this movement and dvelve into the work that has been carefully selected for this very special show.

The Artists :

Melih Polat . Ilona Zachaj . Adela Grigoriciuc . Anastasia Rydleskaya . Das B. . Martina Amato . Rosie Beard . Vladimir Ghe . Mariella Bilitsa . Joe Gonzalovich . Milad emoosavi . Laurent Seljan.


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Opening Times:
Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 5pm
Sunday Closed


Due to the postpone of the easing of the lockdown, we can only let in 4 poeple at the time until the 19th of July. We already postponed the exhibition a couple of times and this time we thought a few days with restrictions would be fine. Thank you for your understanding.


Melih Polat Turk is known as a contemporary artist. He produces works in different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, and printing. His works are in private collections at more than 15 countries in world famous art cities such as  USA, Britain, France, Germany and Israel.More than 150 of his artworks have been sold in last 4 years. His Understanding of art derived from a surrealist narrative and perspective has evolved into his recent works. His art market ranges from 2000 dollars to 20.000 dollars.


Surreal portraits, tainted illustrations. I don’t know.
Original Works & Fine Art Prints


Hi, I’m Adela, a little warrior with a soul of a rainbow princess. I’m 7 yrs old and I like to draw. I’m in love with dragons and dinosaurs. I’m wearing a tutu though I’m not in ballet anymore. I’m always dreaming I’m flying and riding horses. I love to be different and I think it fits me well.


Anastasia Rydlevskaya is an artist based in Belarus whose paintings have been featured in both solo and group exhibitions nationally. She describes her artistic expression as originating with the archetypal forms of the universe that resonate with her, which she then transfers into her compositions. Rydlevskaya’s distinctive pieces are captured feelings and sensations. She creates using oils, acrylics, gouache, and pencils on paper or canvas.


Das B is a French/Brazilian artist, he initially started experimenting with street art, painting graffiti in Midtown/Upper West Side in NYC and throughout Paris in the late 2000s; gradually moving to canvas and most recently clothing. The shift from graffiti to canvas was made after an arrest in NYC and a conscious decision was made to use the name Das B to remain anonymous.

Das B was born in 1992 in Lyon, France. He never graduated from an art institution but spent his life visiting galleries and museums around the world as a way to learn about art history and themes expressed throughout the years – essentially making him a Naïve artist. That being said he did study briefly at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the early 2010s.

His influences come from a luxury background and the street art he found along his travels. His brief moments at  the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts along with the great artist of his time helped him find a voice. His works derives from a universe he created, in which he explores our most basic and animalistic thoughts and behaviors; simply laughing at the need for differentiation, constantly looking to adapt and reshape one’s identity via the characters of the universe he created. Ultimately rejecting a perceived truth to seek of deeper meaning through a cartoon like lense.

Das B is inspired by who and what he believes to be odd – extravagant and unique in style (he likes Salvador Dali.) His moniker — Das What’s Up — came from an idea, a thrill being fulfilled that had to be expressed. This desire to express joy, although fleeting as all emotions are temporary, is a crucial factor in his creative process. Das Bear, his iconic bear, is the protagonist of the story, leading us through his interpretation of our lives as if we were like looking through a distorted mirror. Giving the viewer a glimpse into Das B’s thoughts, fears, dreams and environment. The core sensation that is embraced throughout his paintings is and always will be joy #daswhatsup #dasisgood


Martina Amato, born in 1996, from Marsala to Milan.
In a slowed down, impossible South, the hunger for career, growth, development, achievement becomes her character.


Her work is characterful, playful and frequently erotic. It usually describes a fairy tale-like characters and figures from folklore. Playing around with pattern and hidden messages of gender identity and fluidity. Rosie works mainly in pen and ink and acrylics, but has carved a niche for herself in fashion with her freehand and sewing machine embroidery techniques, describing anything from repeat patterns inspired by vegetables on tulle veiling to entire bedspreads.


Hola, I’m Vlad 🙂

Featured Work:
Manufactory X London Design Festival,
Old Spitalfields, 2017
Kingston Graphic Show, Copeland Park Peckham, 2017
Amnesty international AGM, 2016


Mariella Bilitsa was born in Argyrokastro, Albania in 1991 and raised in Athens, Greece. In 2016 she graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of Florina from the painting workshop of Yiannis Kastritsis. Since 2017 she has been working as a teacher of Fine Arts in primary education and has participated in various art workshops in Greece and Poland.
Her work is a mixture of personal experiences and associative thoughts. Inspired by her everyday life, the natural environment, the connection between humans and animals, her works result in a set of complex narratives.


Im an argentinian graphic designer, collage and digital artist. My work is characterized by different styles such as optical art, surrealism and space themed.


What I am looking for in a photography is a kind of link between the unattainable real and fine arts, or in simpler terms, artistic photography – in other words, documentary photography, which I can turn into an artistic photography with aesthetic aspects without staging.
I always use film for photography and I believe that film can live forever.
In my opinion, the negative is a good platform for connecting the unattainable and the aesthetic.


Explore Laurent Seljan’s mind and his personal vision of our society. His collages are psychological portraits. It is difficult to put a label on his prolific work: Sometimes Pop or surrealist, sometimes expressionist or cubist. His technical palette is constantly muting to serve the message he wants to convey. He is not interested in polished esthetic and has a more punk vision of what a collage should look like.

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