Store Logo
This is the avatar of your shop or we can say it is your “face” on the site. This image will show up next to the artworks once a customer clicks on them in the shop.

The image that will be on the top of the page when a customer clicks on your name and goes to your personal gallery.

Shop Name
This is what the customers will see in the gallery. They will see this name below the artworks and they can click on this name to see your personal gallery.

Store Email
This should be obvius.

Shop Description
Tell here about your artworks. The styles, subject, techniques, materails, etc.
This is also your bio. You can make it all about the facts or you can tell your life story as well. It’s up to you!


You can choose between PayPal and Bank Transfer. Please fill out the form accordingly.


This is self explanatory. What are we nowadays without these websites?

Your Dashboard is a dynamic and always-up-to-date overview of how your artworks are performing. You can change the start/end dates at the top to get all your stores sales results.

The Home shows you the gross sales this month, earning this month,  number of products sold and number orders received (one order might have multiple products).

If you need a more detailed report, go to the Reports tab where you can see different statistics. The Ledger is a summary of the earnings of the store.

Settings and Orders are self exlpanatory as well.

Products tab is where you can add a new artwork, this we detail on the tabs of this page.

“Simple product” is an artwork that you want to sell in only one possbile way: either the original, or digital copies of it or just limited editions. If there’s multiple versions, let’s say you want to sell limited edition prints and digital downloads, please check the “Adding a Product with Variables” tab.

Adding a product is really easy. It’s the same for editing a product. Simply edit a product or click Add Product at the top/bottom of the Products tab on your Dashboard.

Let’s go through the process and the different parts of the Add Product page.

Product Name
This is self explanatory. If the artwork is part of a series, don’t forget to mention that here. Limited edition prints of 10? Make sure you type that in here.

Product Description
The full description of the product. Let the customers know the different techniques, equipment and materials you used. If the artwork has a story, this is the place to tell that!

Product Short Description
This info goes next to the product. Usually the material, size and technique(s) used. Keep it short!

Here you can select one or more of the pre-defined categories. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, leave it as Uncategorised and we’ll take care of it.

These are very important! Tags are the keywords customers can and will find your artworks by. Basically you have to describe your artwork one word at a time. There’s a lot of colours? The tag ‘colourful’ is a must then. There’s a cat on it? Use ‘animal’ and ‘cat’. In fact, use as many tags as possible!

Featured Image
Tha main image for the artwork. This is the picture the customers will see in the shop, choose the best picture possible. It is mandatory to choose/upload a Featured Image.

Please try and upload a file that is not too big. It’s not becuease our system can’t handle it: to make sure people won’t be able to print the artowrks from these uploads, the system will automatically reduce the size under a certain quality. With all automated process, there is a risk of artifacts appear in the file. If you can upload a file that is already small, this won’t be a problem. This is very important for digital artists and photographers.

Additional images for the artworks. You can upload upt to 6 pictures here. This is not necessaty but highly recommended.

Product Type
Leave it as simple product but please note, if you want to sell digital copies, make sure to check the Downloadable box.

General; Linked Products; Attributs
When it is a single product, you don’t have to worry clicking on any of these.

Regular Price(£)
The price of the artwork.
Be sure to put the price here you’d like to get for the piece!

After you set your price for an artwork or print, we will put on our interest and expenses and you will get the amount you listed.

For example, if you’d like to get £100 for a standard print on satin paper, the final price will be £140 in the shop and you will receive the £100. Important to note: all prices the are listed are inclusive of VAT, please keep this in mind.

Add File
If you checked the downloadable box at the product type, this is where you have to upload the file your customers can download once they paid for it.
Every customer can download the file only one time and there’s no time limit.
When you upload the file, you won’t see a thumbnail. This is becuase the file is enrcypted to make sure only people who pay for it will receive it.

Upload file for printing
If you’d like us to print your files, please make sure you upload them here. Don’t worry, customers won’t see these files.

You can upload any kind of file up to 64 megabytes.

And that’s it!
You can save the product as a draft or you can add the product. Once we checked the page we approve and it shows up in the gallery immediately.

Selling multiple versions of an artwork is possbile with Variable Products. Up to a point the process is exaclty the same as adding a simple product – one differenc is that you don’t have to mention any type in the name of the product, please sure you follow that tutorial until the “Product Type” field. 

Sample of a variable product

Product Type Please select the “Variable product” line in the drop-down menu. Make sure you upload the printable file if it’s necessary on the General tab! 

Attributes tab This is where we set-up the different variations – type as in Limited Edition or Original and the size that goes with them. In the “Select an attribute” drop-down menu, please select Type(s) then click the Add button. The values had to appear. If not, please click on  Expand on the right hand side. 

Make sure the Visible on the product page and Used as variation boxes are checked. When you click in the Value(s) field, several options will appear. Select here all the options you’d like to. For this tutorial we selected Original, Limited Edition Prints and Digital Download. Once the Valu(s) are selected, click on the Variations tab. On this tab click Select action and choose Create variations from all attributes. Then click GO. Click OK in both of the message boxes. Now please click on Expand in the right hand side. Now you will see all the options and values for the different types.

Default Form Values You can select which type should be visible in the gallery as the main variable. Please make sure check the “Manage stock” box for Originals and put 1 as stock quantity. The same goes for Limited editions, the quantity is up to you. Please always leave “Allow back orders” on the “Do not allow” option.

For Digital downloads, please check the “Downloadable” and “Virtual” boxes. Make sure you upload the downloadable file on this form. Virtual means there won’t be any shipping fee. Please set the “Download Limite” to 1 and leave “Download expiry” on unlimited.

Variation Description If any of the variations is different from the standard, please fill out. For example, the original might have gold foil on it, this won’t be present in digital downloads.

Adding different sizes
If you want to add different sizes of a print, you can add more variations to the product.
On the Variations tab, select ‘Add variation’ then click GO.
This will create a new line, please select the type that is needed (for example Limited edition print) and then you can add new size and price.
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